Mega Venusaur EX 2014 XY - Wrong Evolution Misprint Error Card

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Mega Venusaur EX Rare Holo

XY Base Set Series 2014

This is an extremely rare Error Print Card with the wrong evolution, type and set number.

The card states "This Pokemon Evolves from Blastoise" and shows the water type and also has 30/146 set number for M Blastoise instead of the correct 2/146 for M Venusaur.

Card is in Very Good condition.

Only issues for grading would be tiny bit white showing along the edge on the back of the card. A small crease at the rear top left of card which is not visible on the front only shows up on the back.

There is only one other example I'm aware of with this type of error print from the same set I could find online, which is the Persian EX which stated it evolved from Mankey rather than Meowth.

Don't miss your chance to own an extremely rare piece of pokemon collecting.

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