Pokemon 25th Celebrations 24 card bundle inc. Pikachu, Classic holo reprints + Vs

Windsor and Maidenhead, GB £ 40.00

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Here are 24 cards taken from the 25th Celebrations release to include Pikachu, Classic holo reprints & V cards - you will be getting the following (all toploaded cards marked with an asterix *): Ho-Oh Reshiram Kyogre Palkia Zekrom Pikachu * Surfing Pikachu V * Mew Xerneas Cosmog Cosmoem Lunala Zacian V Groudon Yveltal Dialga Solgaleo Lugia Professor's Research + Dark Sylveon V (promo) * + Luxray * Garchomp * Dark Gyarados * Claydol * All cards are pack fresh and placed in soft sleeves. Paypal payment from UK buyers only, 2nd class postage included in the price. Any questions send me a message.
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